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Churn Tender

Tend mixers that blend aged alkali-cellulose crumbs with carbon disulfide.

What does a Churn Tender do?

Tends rotary mixer that blends aged alkali-cellulose crumbs with carbon disulfide to form cellulose xanthate for further processing into cellophane or rayon: Couples pipe to mixer to admit specified amount of carbon disulfide to churn filled with alkali-cellulose crumbs by other workers. Starts drum rotating, observes gauges, and moves or sets controls to maintain temperature of churn and length of mixing cycle within plant specifications. Stops machine and turns valve to expel excess gas remaining in drum. Opens hatch and dumps cellulose xanthate into cart or machine hopper for further processing. Scrapes interior of drum, using putty knife or scraper, to remove product residue before preparation of next batch. May tend continuous process equipment and be designated Disulfurizer Tender. May blend cellulose xanthate and caustic soda and be designated Tank Worker.