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Church History Teacher



Lead lessons on the history of the Christian church.

What does a Church History Teacher do?

Church History Teachers deftly weave history and religion together, tackling topics ranging from geography to God Himself. Church History Teachers’ courses can be taught at a Bible school, a college, or a university, and, like any history class, may be presented to students in chronological order. Being religious yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be better at the subject, but for some schools, it may be a requirement.

Not only is this a very colorful and fascinating subject, but there’s also a wealth of information available to you from textbooks and various other resources. As a Church History Teacher, your curriculum probably covers one religion, and may be as specific as a single denomination. Classes include instruction on life before organized religion, the beginning of the church, the arrival of prophets, the splintering off of various denominations, and the current state of the church.

Following a basic introduction on the church, you delve into historical events during the religious upheavals: the Middle Ages, the Reformation, the Great Awakening, and others. You also cover crusades, the rise and fall of various empires, and even the complete rejection of religion as an institution. Non-religious topics also come into play as you discuss the relationship of the church to politics and country.

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