Church Business Administrator

Manage the financial operations of a church.

What does a Church Business Administrator do?

Since its product isn’t tangible and its sales goals not measurable, a church might not seem like much of a business at first. However, it’s important to keep in mind that although they lack the markings of a traditional office, churches deal with money, which means they need someone around with business sense. Church Business Administrators handle the business side of running a place of worship. Like their corporate counterparts, Church Business Administrators take care of things like financial reporting and human resources.

Depending on the size of the church, if you’re a Church Business Administrator you might do it all-from filing taxes to hiring new employees-or you might focus your skills on one specific area. Wherever you find yourself though, the purpose of your job is to make sure the business side of things runs smoothly.

You make the church budget, do the accounting, and oversee the flow of money into and out of the church. If the church needs a loan or has debt, you create payment plans and coordinate with the lending organization to make sure money is paid on time. You also prepare monthly financial statements so congregation members can see where their money goes, and meet regularly with the Pastor or Priest to decide how church money should be spent.

Unlike most jobs, this one takes your religious beliefs into account during the hiring process. Since you directly support a church that spreads the message of its preferred religion, you need to agree with (or at least not mind) what they’re preaching.