Christmas Tree Farm Worker

Care for evergreens before they are sold as Christmas trees.

What does a Christmas Tree Farm Worker do?

As a Christmas Tree Farm Worker, you spend your time in a nursery, feeding, grooming, and watching over babies-baby trees, that is. You grow rows and rows of evergreens, and harvest them when the Christmas season arrives.

A nature-focused Nanny, you nurture plants from young saplings into towering trees ready for twinkling lights and glistening ornaments. You work with other Christmas Tree Farm Workers to tend hundreds of trees, all in different stages of development. Whether they are in the terrible twos or have hit the rebellious teenage phase, you play Doctor and diagnose any signs of poor health in your leafy brood.

Most Christmas Tree Farm Workers perform seasonal work depending on their specialty. If you prefer breaking ground and spreading fertilizer, you work the planting season. If cutting down trees and loading them onto trucks headed to market sounds more appealing, you work closer to December.

Keeping trees thriving takes dedication. Bugs and bad weather wait around every turn to swoop in like the Grinch and ruin your Christmas trees. Each day, you apply pesticides and add nutrients to the soil as needed, and cover young trees during storms.

The goal of any Christmas Tree Farm Worker is to spread joy. You prune and shape trees to promote growth and prevent scraggly limbs. You use your green thumb to turn an ordinary plant into an extraordinary Christmas treat. Your gifts may not come wrapped with fancy bows, but they spread Christmas cheer nonetheless.