Christmas Tree Farm Manager

Supervise the growing and selling of Christmas trees.

What does a Christmas Tree Farm Manager do?

Christmas Tree Farm Managers direct all activities on a Christmas tree farm. To put that another way, Christmas Tree Farm Managers help create lasting holiday memories for the people they serve.

If you’re a Christmas Tree Farm Manager, you hire, train, and supervise a staff of forestry, sales, and customer service workers to operate the farm. You’re also charged with acquiring additional lands as necessary to replenish your farm’s stock of wild trees. On top of that, you must exercise forestry techniques to constantly renew old lands and keep their individual ecosystems, and the environment at large, safe and viable for years to come.

You work at the unique juncture of capitalism and environmentalism. Without good husbandry practices, your land and the earth will not be able to sustain your business. Without equally good business practices, your business will crumble. You’ll need skills for the field, the office, and the sales floor, as training your staff to provide excellent customer service will be key to ensuring that your customers come back year after year for their Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Farm Managers have extremely fluid jobs. If you want a standard nine-to-five, look somewhere else. One day, you’ll be surveying fresh land, and the next, you’ll be negotiating a deal to cut or ship trees to a sales location. The rewards are more than money: Knowing that your job is integral to the happiness and enduring holiday memories of hundreds of families is something not every job can offer.