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Christian Science Practitioner



Strive to cure sick people by praying for and with them.

What does a Christian Science Practitioner do?

Christian Science Practitioners are followers of the Christian Science faith, advocating the belief that a person’s mental and physical medical issues can be healed through prayer. Christian Science is based on the idea that a person can be cured from illness in a mind-over-matter sort of way, God being the mind that cures the body.

Christian Science Practitioners work to cure clients through mutual prayer, done on the part of both the patient and the Christian Science Practitioner. In this position, clients call or come to you to tell you of the physical, emotional, or mental ailments they face. You then give them religious guidance as a Pastor or other religious figure would, and then you pray with them.

Periodically throughout your client’s illness, you continue to check in and pray with or for them. Clients don’t need to be Christian Science followers, and you can find them in all sorts of ways, through an official website or at a church. Though it’s up to the individual to decide how much modern, Western medicine they wish to use, Christian Science doesn’t advocate that followers use any form of healing besides prayer.

Like many religions, Christian Science is not without its controversies. It doesn’t recommend vaccinating children, and believes that one should turn to prayer for all medical conditions, even in the case of cancers or broken bones. In the past, Practitioners have had legal action brought against them by those who claim that their denial of modern medicine has led to patients’ deaths.

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