Christian Science Nurse

Perform nursing tasks according to Christian Science beliefs.

What does a Christian Science Nurse do?

Christian Science Nurses are just like any other Nurse in that they help people who need physical care and treatment. But instead of medicine, they rely on Christian Science for healing. Rather than using drugs, therapy, or traditional treatments, Christian Science Nurses create a healing environment with their beliefs and spiritual aid, in accordance with the teachings of Christian Science.

However, as a Christian Science Nurse you do provide some physical care in addition to spiritual guidance. For example, you aid in bathing, changing bandages, preparing meals, and moving the patient wherever they need to go.

In order to foster as much healing as possible, though, you try to make life normal and routine for the patient. You’re largely there to be a support system, to be an answer key for every question involving Christian Science and how it relates to your patient’s condition. In that sense, you’re more of a Therapist and Spiritual Counselor than a Physical Therapist.

You supplement the work of Christian Science Practitioners, and because of that, your job may lead you to a staff position with a Christian Science sanatorium or another Christian Science Nurse service. You work privately in the home of your patient, perhaps living with them or just visiting on a regular basis. Alternatively, you can work independently on a contractual basis, or within a facility that provides Christian Science care.