Christian Counselor

Use Christian teachings to help people deal with their problems.

What does a Christian Counselor do?

Counselors and Therapists specialize in a variety of subject matter and clientele. For example, they might concentrate on divorce, abuse, addiction, or the treatment of children. Christian Counselors cater to clients who have an interest in incorporating their Christian beliefs into their therapy.

As a Christian Counselor, you might work with clients who seek help through church resources. You might even have an office in the building. Of course, you could also hang your Christian Counselor sign on a private practice, go into a partnership, or offer your services to a nonprofit organization.

Wherever you use your sympathetic ear, it’s your job to listen to the client, offer guidance, ask questions, share thoughts, and encourage. You might do that by praying, reading scripture, or relying on more traditional therapy techniques. Sometimes, you treat patients on a one-on-one basis, while other times, you organize and lead group therapy sessions where clients can share with each other. Common topics in your office relate to dissatisfaction in life, relationship troubles, depression, marital issues, and dissonance over religious feelings.

In addition to your hands-on therapy sessions, you might use your understanding of Christianity and human beings to give inspirational speeches at church or other gatherings. In fact, you could write a book, publish articles in magazines, or become a Motivational Speaker.