Invent dance routines and teach other dancers to perform them perfectly.

What does a Choreographer do?

Adagio, allegro, allonge-if these terms mean something to you, then you are familiar with the art of dancing. Not the kick-your-boots-up-on-a-Friday-night kind of dance, but rather a concentrated study of the skill. Choreographers teach students to move with the rhythm, step to the beat, and perform the cha-cha while in costume. In fact, Choreographers coordinate their every movement, from the first note to the final beat of the song.

As a Choreographer, you teach dance skills to students. But not just dance. You teach them how to tell a story, entertain, and wow audiences during a performance. You work in theater, ranging from the local community college to Broadway. This requires studying the script and music of a production so that you can perfectly coordinate the movements. You also work with Cheerleaders, Ice Skaters, or Gymnasts to achieve the same goal. You might even design the dance moves for a television show or MTV music video.

The process of designing an entire dance sequence can stretch out over months as you meticulously analyze every movement. Typically, you work through the process one move at a time, incorporating requirements for judged performances such as a Gymnast’s floor routine or an Ice Skater’s Olympic exhibition. You teach one student or an entire group of Dancers, such as when choreographing a theatrical production. The show must go on, and it just wouldn’t be the same without your flair, passion, style, and knowledge.