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Choker Setter

Attach steel cables to trees so they can be dragged away by a logging crew.

What does a Choker Setter do?

Love the outdoors and want to get your hands on some nature? Choker Setter could be the Lumberjack role for you. As a Choker Setter, you scramble out to fallen trees and attach the “chokers,” which are steel cables that are used to drag the trees to where they get sorted into types and moved on for processing.

Choker Setters are vital to the logging industry. You’re the all-important link between knocking the tree down and everything else that happens after that. Every day, you’re out there, constantly moving, looking for the best place to attach the chokers. So you need a quick mind and an agile body to get up and over the fallen trees, rocks, logs, and other hazards that you’ll encounter every day out in the field—but that’s part of the fun.

Some things about Lumberjacks haven’t changed. You’ll probably live out in the field with the rest of your team for long periods of time, and you’ll definitely work up a huge appetite running back and forth setting up cables.

This is a great entry-level position on a logging team. As such, you’ll need to get along well with more seasoned members of the group, and take direction well. When giant trees are falling all around you, teamwork is the key to staying alive.