Choir Teacher

Assemble students together into a harmonious choir.

What does a Choir Teacher do?

A choir is made up of many individual Singers, all blending their voices together to produce a wall of sound. While singing in the shower requires a mastery of volume, singing in a choir requires a mastery of balance. A Choir Teacher helps this group of Singers work together to achieve that balance.

Choir Teachers work with groups of Singers in middle schools, high schools, and beyond. Some may be excellent, experienced Singers, while others may have more enthusiasm than talent. If you’re a Choir Teacher, you assess the skills of all of your Singers and then assign them to appropriate vocal parts.

You choose music that the not-so-talented can’t butcher but that the talented won’t find boring. Then you hand out the music and run rehearsals. To teach your students, you may sing all of the parts first. You may also play piano accompaniment.

When your choir lacks Singers, you hold auditions, allowing only a certain number of Singers to join. During these auditions, you may allow Singers to bring their own music, or you may ask them to sing music that you’ve chosen. You sit in the dark and listen to them, but you try not to let all of that power go to your head. When you’ve chosen Singers, you hold rehearsals for them, where you ask them to tackle very difficult, impressive pieces.

During performances, you stand on the sidelines, holding your breath and hoping your choir remembers everything you’ve taught during rehearsals. You keep antacids on hand for these occasions. You may also take your choir to competitions to fight for awards. Whenever your choir does well, you’ll be gracious, thanking each member by name.