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Chocolate Production Machine Operator

Operate machines to relieve operators engaged in processing cocoa beans.

What does a Chocolate Production Machine Operator do?

Operates any of following machines and equipment to relieve regular operators engaged in processing cocoa beans into chocolate liquor and in producing cocoa powder and sweet chocolate, according to formula: Controls roaster that roasts cocoa beans to develop specified color and flavor and reduces moisture content of beans [COCOA-BEAN ROASTER I; COCOA-BEAN ROASTER II]. Tends mill to grind nibs into liquid chocolate of specified fineness [LIQUOR-GRINDING-MILL OPERATOR]. Tends hydraulic press to extract cocoa butter from chocolate liquor, and operates cocoa room machinery and equipment to grind and pulverize cocoa cakes into cocoa powder [COCOA-PRESS OPERATOR; COCOA-ROOM OPERATOR]. Mixes ingredients, such as chocolate liquor, sugar, and powdered milk to make sweet chocolate [MIXER OPERATOR]. Operates refining machine to grind chocolate paste to specified consistency [REFINING-MACHINE OPERATOR]. Operates tempering equipment to control temperature of chocolate in cooling process before molding [CHOCOLATE TEMPERER]. May tend molding machines, pressure cookers, and dryers. May assist in supervising and training production line workers.