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Chlorinator Operator

Control equipment in which chemicals or other materials are chlorinated.

What does a Chlorinator Operator do?

Controls equipment in which chemicals or other materials are chlorinated by reaction with chlorine gas: Pumps specified amounts of chemicals to chlorinator. Reads flowmeter and opens valves to regulate flow of chlorine and rate of chlorination reaction. Reads temperature gauges and turns steam and coolant valves to maintain reaction within specified temperature range. Tests sample of product for specific gravity and for boiling or freezing point, using hydrometer and thermometer. Observes color of product to determine when chlorination is completed. Records operating data, such as temperature and pressure in chlorinator and related equipment. May operate auxiliary units, such as vaporizer, filters, stills, and stripping columns. May be designated according to product formed as Bleach Chlorinator; Sulfur-Chloride Operator.