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Chiropractor Assistant



Assist with administrative tasks or treatments in a chiropractic clinic.

What does a Chiropractor Assistant do?

While in school, aspiring Chiropractors may take hundreds of classes on anatomy, physiology, and pain management. Few take classes in marketing, customer service, or billing, though. These tasks may seem unimportant, but they must be completed to ensure that the Chiropractor takes in new patients and gets paid for their work. A Chiropractor Assistant can take over these tasks, freeing the Chiropractor to focus on patient care.

Chiropractor Assistants are the first people patients see when they visit the clinic. As a Chiropractor Assistant, you provide paperwork for them to fill out, and collect any X-rays or medical information their Doctors provide. When all of the paperwork is complete, you gather the information into charts and ask the patient to enter the exam room. You then give the charts to the Chiropractor.

Some treatments are too complex for the Chiropractor to handle alone, and it’s the job of the Chiropractor Assistant to assist in these cases. You might help the patient move or hold still so the popping and cracking can move ahead without impediment.

At the end of the visit, you prepare the patient’s bill and collect their payment. If the patient has insurance, you bill the insurance company instead. Some patients may need to come back for additional treatments, and you schedule those appointments.

Throughout the workday, you answer the phone and make new appointments for treatments. You also call the next day’s patients to make sure they remember to come in. Keeping the office clean and tidy (and the coffee hot) also falls on your shoulders.

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