Chiropractic Technician

Provide administrative support to a chiropractic clinic.

What does a Chiropractic Technician do?

In the field of chiropractic medicine-a field that typically focuses on problems with the spine-the Chiropractic Technician is the smiling face of the industry. The frenzied pace of appointments and the onslaught of information can leave patients dazed and confused. Chiropractic Technicians help them with the jumble of paperwork when they arrive, and schedule their next appointment before they leave. They’re the people who give patients that sense of calm and assurance every time they stop in.

Daily duties for you as a Chiropractic Technician mimic those of a highly skilled Secretary. Answering phones, scheduling appointments, and updating patients’ records take a large chunk of your time. The job extends beyond these basics, however. Your vast knowledge of the chiropractic field and health insurance are key to ensuring patients have a successful visit. Without this information, it would be hard to explain an upcoming test to a patient, or to file a claim with a health insurance company.

Your interest in enriching the lives of others makes this job ideal. It’s a profession steeped in hospitality, and puts heavy emphasis on people skills. You make a trip to the Chiropractor ‘s office seem like a walk in the park.