Chip Runner

Serve as casino players' go-to guy when it comes to poker chips.

What does a Chip Runner do?

Chip Runners sell poker chips to players in a casino. Think of a Chip Runner as a Server (that is, a Waiter or Waitress), but instead of food, he or she delivers poker chips. The service a Chip Runner offers is an added convenience for players, which keeps them at the tables longer. And the longer they play poker, the more profit the casino makes.

A positive attitude and excellent communication skills are essential in this position, as you face customers (both happy and unhappy) throughout your shift. A portion of your wages is made up of tips, so remember to keep that smile on your face and that rapport with customers going!

Basic mathematics skills are also required, as you’re responsible for counting money and making change. A mathematics test is typically given by employers, analyzing your ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers and decimals.

You need to be detail-oriented and able to maintain grace under pressure, too. When the stakes are high for the players, tempers may flare if mistakes are made in selling chips or making change. The ability to walk and stand for an entire shift, along with the strength to lift up to 30 pounds repeatedly, makes the physical demands of this position, well, demanding. But the fast-paced and exciting atmosphere of the casino is sure to provide a thrill and keep you on your toes.