Chinese Language Professor

Teach university students to speak the Chinese language.

What does a Chinese Language Professor do?

Chinese Language Professors aim to educate their students in the art of speaking Chinese. Becoming fluent in a second language enhances communication between groups of people, and certainly looks good on a resume. Fill the role of a Chinese Language Professor and you’ll spend each day conversing in a language you love, and teaching others to do the same.

Your job duties as a Chinese Language Professor are much the same as those of any other Professor. Lecturing, grading exams, and tutoring struggling students make up the core of your duties. It’s also up to you to pick out appropriate course materials, outline each semester’s syllabus, and keep the school up to date on your students’ progress.

Beyond these basic responsibilities is where the real fun begins. Choosing textbooks and supplementary materials geared toward making the Chinese language as easy to learn as possible is one key factor in your students’ success. Throw in your own enthusiasm for the subject and a variety of text and audio learning materials, and you have a recipe for students fluent in Chinese.

Thinking outside the box is what makes this job enjoyable for you, and what makes learning easier on your students. To really make your lessons stick, you might ask a native Chinese speaker to visit with the class so your students can hear their new language straight from the source. Soon, your students will speak Chinese as naturally as they do English.