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Chimney Sweep



Scrub chimneys free of soot, dust and debris.

What does a Chimney Sweep do?

A Chimney Sweep is a professional, certified chimney cleaner. Chimney Sweeps make sure that every chimney under their care is clean and, more importantly, safe to operate. The most famous representation of their profession is arguably Dick van Dyke’s cheery “Bert” in Mary Poppins. So feel free to sing “Chim Chim Cher-ee” while you remove the layers of soot and debris.

In addition to your duty of chimney cleaning, if you’re a Chimney Sweep you may also be called upon to do a little masonry, making repairs to the fireplace as needed. You may be asked to remove animals as well. If the repairs or animal control needed are beyond your abilities though, you refer out to other businesses.

However, your most important job is to ensure the safety of the operation of the fireplace or wood stove. That means you make sure there isn’t any debris that could catch fire, the ventilation system is in proper working order, and the stove or fireplace is properly sealed and maintained.

Your work can be very difficult at times. You get really dirty, and you have to stay in good shape to ensure that you can climb ladders and roofs and go where you need to go. You’re also busiest in the winter months when people want to start using their fireplaces, which means you might be working in rain, snow, or sleet. But it’s worth it when you get to spend most of your time outdoors, and you’re the one responsible for bringing warmth and safety to countless homes.

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