Childrenswear Designer

Make cute clothes for kids.

What does a Childrenswear Designer do?

Childrenswear Designers can let their imaginations run wild. A Childrenswear Designer can use all the bright colors, animal prints, and robot/dinosaur/ballerina elements he or she wants, and kids will like it. Or at least, adults will think it’s cute enough to buy for their kids.

Of course, clothing for children and babies needs to be practical-warm, durable, comfortable. But beyond that, the main element is fun. As a Childrenswear Designer, once you have the basic pieces down, you get to embellish them with an array of themes that bring out what kids do best: play. Whether they’re playing princess, playing in the mud, or playing with their food at the dinner table, they need something to wear.

Like any Fashion Designer, you come up with patterns, colors, graphics, and themes for clothing for each season. You sketch your ideas, and turn them into templates on the computer. You might be involved in choosing fabrics and sewing prototypes before sending them off for production. If it’s a small company, you will probably work on marketing and promoting the designs as well.

Specializing in childrenswear, you might not gain the prestige that comes with creating high fashion. But the trade off is that you don’t have to worry about catering to snobby adult tastes, fitting curvy bodies or broad shoulders, or churning out work-appropriate pieces. Besides, your products will be the subject of so many awws and smiles that you’ll have plenty to be proud of.