Children's Librarian

Help kids pick out books and plan fun library activities.

What does a Children's Librarian do?

A Children’s Librarian encourages children’s love for reading and their desire to learn. The seeds of creativity and intelligence lie dormant in every child. As a Children’s Librarian, you water these seeds with books designed to make them think, laugh, and learn until they blossom into smart, talented young adults.

Signing up for his first library card is a proud moment for a child, and you’re there to walk him through the process. Answering parents’ questions and selecting the right books for each child’s individual interests take up the majority of your time. Applying for grants to receive more books and teaching children how the Dewey decimal system works also fall under a Children’s Librarian’s list of daily to-do’s.

Yet your job as a Children’s Librarian involves more than ordering new items and tracking late fees. The world of imagination stretches beyond the pages of a book and spills into reality in the form of puppet shows, story times, and arts and crafts sessions. You schedule and plan these events to entertain your young patrons.

Typically, a Children’s Librarian runs only a section of the library. Large libraries need individual Librarians to cover all the different departments in the building. One Librarian might cover adult fiction while you cover the children’s section. In other cases, you might work at an elementary school and run the entire library.