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Child Support Officer



Enforce child support rules to make sure kids get the money they need.

What does a Child Support Officer do?

Child Support Officers are the individuals who ensure that every parent receives the child support he or she is entitled to. As the enforcer of child support laws, Child Support Officers have varying duties throughout their workday, from updating case records to tracking down an absent parent.

Each case you deal with as a Child Support Officer is slightly different from the last, and requires different problem-solving approaches. In every case, however, your main goal is to determine who was ordered to pay what, and to oversee that payments are made on time.

But what happens when a parent misses a payment or stops paying child support altogether? In this situation, you conduct an investigation – often consisting of interviews with family and friends, and reviews of data records of the parent’s current activity – to find the parent and see that they pay up.

In many cases, the parent is willing to support his or her child, and things come to a peaceful resolution. For those cases where the other party is unwilling to pay, though, you may need to take legal action to see that your client is compensated. If worse comes to worst, the parent violating the agreement could face additional charges or even jail time.

Your involvement in child support cases ensures that children have the support they need to grow into healthy adults. Securing child support payments can make all the difference for a single parent struggling to pay the bills.

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