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Child Support Lawyer

Fight for children's right to receive financial support from their parents.

What does a Child Support Lawyer do?

Child Support Lawyers specialize in family law cases concerning the money necessary to raise a child. Clients will come to a Child Support Lawyer when the other parent is behind on paying their court-ordered child support payments. Then it’s go time.

To be a Child Support Lawyer, you must be an expert in child support laws in your state and on a federal level. For instance, there are several ways to force a non-supportive parent to pay their dues to their child. After back child support reaches a certain amount, you file motions that put the parent in contempt of court for not complying with its ruling. The state can then garnish wages, put liens on property and extract money from federal sources like tax refunds and unemployment or workers’ compensation claims. If push comes to shove, your next is to report malfeasance to credit reporting bureaus and work with state agencies, which will suspend the parent’s driver’s license, passport and professional licenses until they pay up.

Because you handle financial issues at the heart of a family’s survival, you need to be more emotionally sensitive than Lawyers in more traditional fields like litigation or corporate responsibility. Many of the people you talk to will unfortunately come from broken families, and may have experienced some form of abuse. Though your job is to help responsible parents get the compensation they are owed from deadbeats, that compensation is more than just dollars and cents. It’s a life saver, allowing them to provide their child with food, clothes, an education and the resources to help their child grow up.