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Child Psychometrist

Administer tests to detect learning disabilities or rare talents in kids.

What does a Child Psychometrist do?

All Psychometrists are trained psychology professionals who help evaluate the emotions, abilities, and potential of students, employees, and patients. It’s a wide field of study that’s used in market research, social services, healthcare, and education. Because there are so many ways to use psychometrics, professionals in the field specialize in different areas. Child Psychometrists focus on caring for children.

As a Child Psychometrist, you might work with Psychologists or Neuropsychologists, assisting them just as a Physical Therapy Assistant assists a Physical Therapist. You’re an assistant, but one who understands therapy options and available treatments. In order to serve patients, you perform initial testing. That might involve surveys, physical evaluations, or written exams, depending on the situation.

Your duties as a Child Psychometrist might involve working for a research facility, school district, mental health facility, or clinic. By providing and evaluating different types of tests, you identify learning disorders as well as exceptional intelligence. This information helps Teachers create educational plans. In a clinical setting, your preliminary analysis gives the Psychologist a heads-up on what ailments the child might be suffering from.

People skills are a pertinent part of the job. Not only do you need to relate to children so they’ll feel at ease, but you also relay information to parents, Teachers, Doctors, and Therapists. With your help, each child is diagnosed and finds treatment options that help them make a plan for the future.