Child Disability Evaluator

Assess the extent of a child's disability.

What does a Child Disability Evaluator do?

When a child has a disability, it can be challenging for him to interact with society the way other children do. However, there are programs that aim to assist disabled children-whether through special education classes or financial assistance that helps cover bills. In order to access these programs and make sure they qualify for benefits, children must submit to testing and evaluation by a Child Disability Evaluator.

As a Child Disability Evaluator, you analyze children for placement into specialized school programs, and provide official documentation so they can access government assistance programs. As a trained medical professional, you also review cases to determine if a student is ready to reenter a mainstream classroom.

When a child comes into your office, it’s your job as a Child Disability Evaluator to observe her behavior and make a professional judgment about her learning disability, and to assess the type and severity of the disability.

To come up with an accurate diagnosis, you perform a series of tests. Depending on the presumed disability, these tests might include physical challenges, such as squeezing a ball, walking, or balancing. You might also test sight and hearing abilities.

Outside of the physical evaluation, you might appraise the child’s mental capacity. That might mean testing attention span or memory retention.

You’re both a caring and cautious individual. Your evaluation will have a major impact on the life of each child you serve.