Child Development Teacher

Prepare preschool kids for kindergarten.

What does a Child Development Teacher do?

Patience, passion, and dedication – all of these are necessary qualities if you want to become a Child Development Teacher. Trained to instruct preschool-aged children, a Child Development Teacher focuses on activities that promote physical, social, and intellectual growth.

Falling under the general category of Preschool Teachers, a Child Development Teacher teaches basic skills such as identifying colors, shapes, and numbers. Through interactive games, lessons, and demonstrations, you also teach proper eating habits and personal hygiene. These are the basic skills needed to begin kindergarten.

Your verbal and written communication skills are tested regularly. You must observe each child’s performance, and based on behavior, social development, and physical abilities, you determine whether the student is ready for the next level of education.

College courses in education, human development, psychology, and child development all prepare you for your time in the classroom. Preparing clear lesson plans with identified goals is essential to the educational progress of your students. If you don’t stay focused, your students won’t either.

Patience and dedication to your profession are required. Working with a classroom of preschoolers can be trying at times. But you’re rewarded daily as you witness the growth and change in each of your students, and know you were instrumental to the process.

Physical strength and stamina are required as well, as you assist students throughout the day. The ability to stand, walk, climb, bend, twist, and lift for long periods is necessary. Your students are there to learn, and you’re there to teach them – and corral them at times, too.