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Child Custody Evaluator



Determine who gets custody of children in divorce cases.

What does a Child Custody Evaluator do?

A Child Custody Evaluator mediates child custody wars and mitigates the damage done to children. While most wars are fought over land and natural resources, some are, unfortunately, fought over kids. And while they may take place between parents in courtrooms instead of militaries on battlefields, they’re often just as devastating to the kids involved.

As a Child Custody Evaluator, you’re typically a Social Worker, Psychologist, or Attorney who works with Judges, families, and Lawyers to decide who gets custody of the children when their parents are getting a divorce. To do this, you must evaluate what is in the best interests of the child.

Sometimes, parents are ordered by the court to work with a Child Custody Evaluator. Other times, parents choose to work with one. In both cases, your days are spent assessing families through a combination of written surveys, home visits, parent and child interviews, monitored play sessions, and psychological testing. Your goal: gathering information that will help you place the child in the best and healthiest home based on their individual situation and needs.

That information includes everything from the child’s age, gender, and health to the parents’ physical and mental well-being, not to mention factors such as domestic and substance abuse history, the child’s education and religious preferences, and the parents’ ability to provide love and affection, a safe and stable living environment, and consistent food and shelter.

Ultimately, child custody decisions belong to a Judge, who acts as the Commander In Chief during child custody wars. As the court’s eyes and ears, however, you’re definitely a trusted General!

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