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Child Care Specialist



Take care of kids at home, a daycare, or another facility.

What does a Child Care Specialist do?

As the saying goes, . This “village” that helps guide the child includes family members, Teachers, and Coache. And when parents can’t be with their children, it can also include Child Care Specialists who care for the kids in the parents’ absence.

As a Child Care Specialist, you might work at a day-care facility, provide care in your home, or even care for the child in his or her own home. You might also find work at a resort, cruise ship, or gym childcare facility. Some Child Care Specialists also manage the childcare programs at churches, schools, or large companies.

Wherever you clap along to Barney, one thing’s for sure: You must love working with children. That’s because your entire career revolves around spending time with them.

You make sure that the environment around them is safe, and you provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation. You guide them through activities, discipline as needed, and teach them everything from the word “book” to backyard science experiments. In addition, you closely monitor naptime routines and carefully consider food offerings.

It’s important that you work closely with each child’s parent, so communication is pivotal. You report behavioral changes (good or not so good), relay information, and listen to the parent’s wishes. You and the child’s parents are a team, so you work together to guide, teach new things, and encourage good behavior.

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