Chief Technology Officer

Develop technology strategies to support your company's business strategy.

What does a Chief Technology Officer do?

Every organization has a hierarchy. And a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) ranks pretty high on the totem pole. With the title comes a lot of responsibility-the CTO is in charge of planning the future technology for the entire company

To understand this role, it helps to know what a Chief Information Officer (CIO) does. In contrast to a CTO, a CIO is concerned with adapting existing technologies (like an advanced phone system or a better customer management software) to help your company run smoother

As a Chief Technology Officer, you’re focused overseeing the development of _new_ technology for your company. Working with customer feedback and team-member’s ideas, your goal is the create the fastest, newest, most efficient technology that will blow the competition out of the water. Of course, the newest and best are expensive, so you’re got to balance the costs and the benefits

In large companies, you also represent the technology branch to the general public. You speak at conferences, give interviews, and make public statements regarding your company’s technology policies

Whatever your specific tasks, you use technology to help your company thrive in the future.