Chief Strategy Officer

Create your company's game plan.

What does a Chief Strategy Officer do?

Behind every successful CEO is a talented CSO, or Chief Strategy Officer. The Chief Strategy Officer helps the CEO develop, communicate, and execute the company’s current strategy, unofficially known as the plan of attack for making profits. As Chief Strategy Officer, you focus your efforts on the company’s short- and long-term goals, and clearly communicate your plans to both internal team members and external stockholders or investors.

Even the highest-profile businesses can fail. Without a laser focus on where you want to go, you could steer the company into rough waters. By coordinating with Project Managers, the CEO, and other executives, you can outline the company’s future goals and decide how to get there.

Think of yourself as the Map Designer for the company. Yet one map is not enough. The company might take a detour, or run into a rockslide along the way. Obstacles like this come in the form of failed product launches and negative media attention, among other problems.

How do you keep potential waves from rocking your corporate boat too much? Through scenario planning and backup plans, you create “what-if” analyses to prepare for future stumbles. It’s like fitting your company with armor to fend off unexpected blows.

Your plans include company improvement, expansion, and entry into the global market. Each day, you monitor the company’s performance and find room for improvement. By preparing for the worst, you ensure that your company is the best!