Chief Security Officer

Train and command a team in charge of providing security.

What does a Chief Security Officer do?

As a Chief Security Officer, you’re always on the alert. You think about ways your company could come under attack, and come up with strategies to prevent the attack from happening. Your coworkers will think of you as their guard dog, ready to step in when something goes wrong.

Some Chief Security Officers are primarily responsible for preventing physical threats. In this role, you make sure your building’s alarm systems are working. You patrol the area to check that no suspicious characters are lurking about.

You may supervise other employees who work as Guards, making sure they’re well trained and capable. If a security breach occurs in the middle of the night, you’re the one called. You rush to the office to assess the damage or reset the alarm.

Other Chief Security Officers tackle computer security as well as physical security. In this position, you ensure that the private information your company has in its computer systems is secure. You may run tests each day to see that the systems are up to date and no breach has occurred. You may also supervise Computer Programmers who do much of the day-to-day work, allowing you to focus on long-term planning and testing of new computer systems.

Any time a breach in security occurs, you’ll be called to explain what happened, who did it, and how it was allowed to happen. These may be tense, sweaty days for you. You may be required to change your security policies at the end of a breach, and hold training sessions to explain the changes to all employees.