Chief Radio Officer

Oversee all on-board communications on large cruise ships.

What does a Chief Radio Officer do?

A Chief Radio Officer works on a cruise ship, serving as a link between the ship and those on the shore as well as Chief Radio Officers on other ships. Luckily, Chief Radio Officers rarely need to radio for help, but they do make frequent communications about the location of nearby ships, and talk with those on shore to access the latest weather reports.

Working as Chief Radio Officer lets you spend your time at sea, taking in the sights and enjoying the festive atmosphere of a luxury cruise. As the Chief, you command Radio Officers who deal with more basic duties under your direction. You, in turn, take your orders from the ship’s Captain.

During your shifts, you maintain emergency communication devices, check lifeboats, and update the radio logbook as needed. Your goal is the safety of the passengers and crew on the cruise ship. By tracking the latest changes in weather and unexpected events, such as a nearby ship forced to change its course, you avoid any trouble.

Working this job requires skills in technology and electronics repair. Not all your time is spent on the radio. The afternoon could involve fixing a fax machine or getting satellite telephones up and running. Whatever task you undertake, you provide the connection between the ship and the rest of the world.