Chief Operator Lock Tender

Manage activities of Lock Operator in opening locks and dams on canal.

What does a Chief Operator Lock Tender do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of LOCK OPERATOR to open locks and dams on canal for vessels requiring passage: Assigns to LOCK OPERATOR tasks of mooring boats awaiting passage through canal, raising or lowering water level, opening and closing gates and valves of locks and dams, operating navigation lights and traffic signals, and compiling records of vessels using canal, and of weather and water conditions. Determines which of two locks to use according to needs of traffic. Controls and operates gas, steam, and hydroelectric generating units. Installs mechanical and electrical equipment. Repairs lock machinery motors, generators, power lines, and other electrical equipment [ELECTRICIAN, MAINTENANCE]. Operates machinery to open and close locks. Reports needed repairs to lock maintenance department. May observe craft approaching locks to determine size and speed of vessel and issues instructions to vessel operator violating canal regulations.