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Chief Marketing Officer



Decide which marketing techniques are best for your company.

What does a Chief Marketing Officer do?

When he was President Of The United States, George W. Bush famously called himself “The Decider.” Never mind that it’s not a real word. Chief Marketing Officers (or CMOs) can probably relate. After all, making decisions is what they do. More specifically, you make difficult decisions about how to market a product.

Marketing a product or service used to be simple. You created a clever ad, and then placed that ad in newspapers, magazines, billboards, and television broadcasts. That was pretty much it.

Today, however, the marketing menu includes dozens, if not hundreds, of items, including print and television advertising, online advertising, direct mail, search engine marketing, viral marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, guerilla marketing, event marketing, and content marketing. Because there are so many choices, companies need someone to make decisions on their behalf. As the Chief Marketing Officer, you’re that person.

A C-suite executive, you steer your company in the right (that is, profitable) direction, just like a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, or Chief Financial Officer does. Because a Chief Marketing Officer is a marketing professional, however, your steering is strictly focused in the areas of advertising, branding, communications, customer service, marketing, market research, promotions, and public relations.

In those areas, your employees handle tactical tasks like writing, editing, and design. You, however, oversee cerebral tasks like mission, vision, and goals, as well as staffing, spending, and strategy, making you the final approval — the “decider” — on marketing ideas, budgets, and business plans.

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