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Chief Listening Officer



Listen to consumer conversations on social media to improve your company.

What does a Chief Listening Officer do?

Just like in elementary school, Chief Listening Officers get rewarded for having excellent listening skills. However, you get praised (and paid) on your ability to listen to your company’s clients and consumers.

This job is all about social networking, so like a Social Media Manager, you focus on blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and beyond. You keep track of all forms of social media to see what the buzz is about your company. You then pass on complaints, product ideas, or tips from customers to the various departments within your organization.

More than just a nosy neighbor curious about what’s being said around you, you work to make an improvement in your company’s client interaction. For example, if a customer posts a bad review on your facebook wall you send their information to your Customer Service Director to see if they can improve the situation. Or, when a new marketing campaign rolls out to overwhelming positive Twitter reactions you give the marketing department a heads up so they can keep making the same type of ads.

Chief Listening Officer is a new role, but it’s a growing one. As customers are able to air grievances or brag about excellent service within seconds of an interaction, it’s becoming more and more important for companies to have someone constantly paying attention. With a ton of information coming at you daily you’ll need to be savvy and forward thinking to differentiate between what’s actually helpful to your company and what’s just noise.

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