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Chief IT Security Officer

Oversee staff and security systems that protect company information.

What does a Chief IT Security Officer do?

Information and information technology drive the modern business world. Information has become power, and keeping personal and business information safe has become a vital part of keeping a business secure and competitive. The Chief IT Security Officer is the person at a large company who is responsible for managing all aspects of information security. If you’re Chief IT Security Officer, you will create and implement policies and procedures that minimize risk, manage IT teams to respond to security breaches, and conduct regular surveys and overhauls to make sure that all technology is current and can face modern security challenges.

As Chief IT Security Officer, you need a keen analytical mind. Your enemies are always out there, looking for ways into your system, and you need to be thinking of ways to keep them out. You are the general of your company’s tech army, defending your little kingdom from raiders-literally.

You apply your years of hands-on technical experience, management skills, and constant continuing education to keep your system’s defenses strong against new threats. You won’t have to do it alone, though, as you occupy a high-ranking management position. In fact, effectively managing your team is the most important part of your job.

Even if you know all about new threats and new technology, if you can’t coordinate your support staff, then you won’t be able to successfully counter attacks and maintain your system. Effective communication in person, via phone or text message, and, of course, via email or other electronic communications platforms is vital.

Yours is a 24/7 job. You’re in the office during normal business hours, of course, but security breaches and other security-related IT emergencies can happen at any time. You often need to be on call to handle the IT response when these things happen.