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Chief Guard

Supervise and coordinate activities of guard force of the establishment.

What does a Chief Guard do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of guard force of establishment, such as industrial plant, department store, or museum: Assigns personnel to posts or patrol, according to size and nature of establishment and protection requirements. Interprets security rules and directs subordinates in enforcing compliance, such as issuance of security badges, photographing of employees, and safekeeping of forbidden articles carried by visitors. Responds to calls from subordinates to direct activities during fires, storms, riots, or other emergencies. Inspects or directs inspection of premises to test alarm systems, detect safety hazards, and to ensure that safety rules are posted and enforced. Examines fire extinguishers and other safety equipment for serviceability. Reports irregularities and hazards to appropriate personnel. Cooperates with police, fire, and civil defense authorities in problems affecting establishment. May select and train subordinates in protective procedures, first aid, fire safety, and other duties. May be designated according to rank as Guard, Captain; Guard, Lieutenant; Guard, Sergeant; or according to establishment served as Plant-Protection Supervisor; Security Chief, Museum.