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Chief Ferry Engineer

Make sure ferry boat engines work and run at peak capacity.

What does a Chief Ferry Engineer do?

Chief Ferry Engineers oversee the operation and maintenance of a ferryboat’s engines. A Chief Ferry Engineer works on the ferry from time to time, but for the most part, that is left to a staff of Ferry Engineers. If you’re a Chief Ferry Engineer, you also get to go along for the rides, though much of your work is done when you’re at port. You should definitely love boats and traveling, because you’ll be spending a lot of time out on the water.

Your daily activities vary depending on the maintenance and management required, but mostly, you make sure that the ferry engines are always in working order and running at peak capacity. You’re the one who’s ultimately responsible for any malfunctions, so you have to make sure the fuel is loaded, the engines are running properly, and the auxiliary machinery like engines, boilers, deck machinery, and the electrical, sanitary, and refrigeration equipment on board are all working correctly.

Because a staff of Engineers reports to you, a large part of your job involves administrative duties and other leadership-related tasks. You’re the one who makes sure the Ferry Operators are doing their jobs and working with each other as they should. In your role managing the crew’s operations, you make sure your staff is doing what they’re supposed to, where they’re supposed to. This job gives you the opportunity to travel and, quite literally, keep the whole operation afloat.