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Chief Business Development Officer



Create plans for your company's success.

What does a Chief Business Development Officer do?

Business is as much a living, breathing entity as the economy or Mother Nature. In order to survive, businesses must be willing and able to forecast, adapt, and make changes. The Chief Business Development Officer understands this and works to both build the success of the business and plan for the future.

As the Chief Business Development Officer, you hold a high-ranking position. Right up there, sharing the top floor with the CEO and COO, you supervise all activities pertaining to business development.

What is business development? Well, it’s the processes, customer interactions, and products that make the business a success. It’s adaptability and market analysis. It’s passion and facts, art and science.

In short, your job as the Chief Business Development Officer is to analyze the market, evaluate the competition, oversee product development, and supervise marketing efforts. That’s a lot of hats to wear, so it’s no wonder your days are overscheduled with meeting after meeting. After all, it’s no easy task to keep teams of Marketing Representatives, Sales Managers, Engineers, Production Supervisors, and Graphic Artists aimed towards the same goal. But your holistic vision of what the customer wants, what the company has to offer, and how to connect the two gives you the skills you need to motivate employees, handle challenges as they arrive, and promote the growth and success of the business.

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