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Chicken Sexer

Chicken Sexer


Determine whether fluffy chicks are male or female by sight alone.

What does a Chicken Sexer do?

Chicken Sexer is one of those jobs no one ever hears about (though they should, check out that title!), even if everyone sees the product of their work every day. A Chicken Sexer gets eggs on grocery store shelves and chicken breasts on restaurant plates.

Chicken Sexers are primarily hired by large chicken farms. On big operations, tons of chicks are born every day, and you need to know their sex fast. Males and females have different purposes-females lay eggs and males provide the majority of the meat sold. With their different purposes come different paths or nutrition strategies. For example, on egg farms, male chicks are useless and killed almost immediately, while female chicks are given food and hormones to speed up their growth and egg production.

There are two primary techniques for chicken sexing. The first is known as feather sexing. This is when the chicks are specially bred to produce feathers that look different on males and females. Vent sexing, on the other hand, is more hands-on. In this method, you literally squeeze the poop out of the chicks in order to see inside their intestines, where you look for their sex organs. Once you figure out the chicks’ sex, you separate them and move them on to their next destinations.

This job requires hours of standing and concentration. You deal with thousands of chicks a day and do the same thing over and over. However, in some parts of the world, this is a revered industry-there’s even a worldwide chicken sexing competition.

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