Chemist Career Information

Chemist jobs are crucial to many companies. Successful chemists have skills in chemistry, analytical chemistry, wet chemistry, and gas chromatography. Chemists often work in-house for one company or can be employed as consultants to work for numerous clients.

Education for Chemist Jobs

Most chemist jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. Chemistry degrees are significantly more widespread than biochemistry degrees. Chemical engineering majors are also more prevalent than molecular biology majors.

Chemist jobs are an integral part of many companies. They are more commonly employed in pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries.

One other consideration for graduates who are seeking employment is job location. Chemist jobs are widespread across the nation and can be found in almost all major cities. New York and Chicago offer slightly more opportunities for recent grads who are looking to begin their careers.


Experiment with chemicals to come up with useful products.

Salary Range: $48,000 - $68,350
Industry: Biotechnology
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