Chemical Sales Representative

Sell chemical products.

What does a Chemical Sales Representative do?

When you look at the basics of a Chemical Sales Representative job, it may sound just like any other Sales Representative job. After all, as a Chemical Sales Representative, you spend your days selling the products your company makes, the same way an Aircraft Sales Representative or a Circulation Sales Representative does. The difference, though, comes in your training and knowledge. Most Chemical Sales Representatives have a strong chemistry background, and in this field, it’s not unusual to have a master’s or a doctoral degree.

So why the required advanced knowledge? When you work as a Chemical Sales Representative, you’re selling a specialized product that requires years of education to understand completely. You might work for a company that handles hazardous waste or runs a water treatment plant. You could sell epoxies to construction firms or coating chemicals to automobile manufacturers.

No matter what you’re selling, though, you need to understand how exactly it works, what potential negative reactions might occur, or how it could be safely handled.

The other reason it’s important to have a strong chemical background is the way the business is set up. It’s not uncommon for a Chemical Sales Representative to act as an intermediary between customers and those creating the products. Clients let you know what they’re looking for, and you, along with a company Chemist, translate that vision into a final product.

Like most Sales Representatives, you can expect to spend your days meeting with clients and responding to inquiries. You can do this either over the phone or in person, but either way, you need excellent communication skills and a desire to work with people.