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Chemical Processing Laborer

Perform tasks in chemical manufacturing establishments.

What does a Chemical Processing Laborer do?

Performs any combination of following tasks in chemical manufacturing establishment: Fills or empties equipment and containers by pumping, opening valves, scooping, dumping, scraping, or shoveling liquid, gaseous, or solid materials. Weighs materials and writes or stencils identifying information on containers. Fastens caps or covers on container, or screws bungs in place. Transports materials, using handtruck. Cleans stills and other equipment, using detergents, brushes, or scrapers. Loads railroad cars or trucks. Delivers samples to laboratory. Cleans work areas. Prepares materials by pulverizing, milling, crushing, or liquefying. Paints containers, using spray gun. May be known according to task performed as Carboy Filler; Drum Filler; Kettle-Room Helper; Shipping Hand; Wheeler.