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Chemical Mixer



Tend machines that mix chemicals and liquids according to formula.

What does a Chemical Mixer do?

Tends machine that mixes specified chemicals and liquids according to formula to prepare solutions for use in processing exposed film: Opens valves and starts pumps to transfer specified amount and type of liquid from storage tank into mixing tanks. Weighs specified chemicals on scale and dumps chemicals into mixing tank. Activates mixing tank agitators and sets timer to mix ingredients for specified period of time. Observes gauge readings on mixing tank and adjusts temperature and flowmeter controls when readings vary from established norms. Obtains sample of solution in tube and tests for acidity or alkalinity, using pH meter. Submits sample of solution to laboratory for analysis, reviews analysis, and adds required amounts of chemicals to attain solution of specified standard. Opens valves and pumps solution into storage tank. May recover silver or other chemical solid from used solution by electrolysis, using reclamation tank, or by chemical precipitation, using centrifuge.

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