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Chemical Engineer



Create beneficial products out of raw chemicals.

Salary Range

$102,160 - $169,080

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does a Chemical Engineer do?

Engineers design, create, or alter products or processes so that they benefit the people using them. Chemical engineers specialize in procedures that use chemistry in conjunction with other techniques to solve a problem. They do this by creating new products, redesigning existing ones, or altering procedures to create different results.

A chemical engineer focuses on ways to turn raw materials into useful products. In the past, these products have included plastic and rubber. It’s hard to imagine our world without either one, but it took the proper combination of materials with science and the skills of chemical engineers to make it happen.

Today you can focus on a near infinite number of problems. You might choose to concentrate on reducing the amount of natural resources consumed, like, for example, improving recycling options. Or you could facilitate the growth of healthy, living things through chemical processes. Fertilizers are an example of this.

If you’re into clothes, you can work creating alternate, or synthetic, fibers. Bullet-proof vests and plastic are both products created for this purpose.

The nature of your job allows you to affect nearly every industry in the world. Medicine, biotechnology, and food production are just a few examples. However to use your science and math skills to solve environmental and human resource problems, you need your thinking cap, a determination to stick with the trial and error process, and a vision for the future. After all, solving problems is the greatest reward in this position.

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