Chemical Compounder

Use equipment to process coal tar hydrocarbons into intermediate compounds.

What does a Chemical Compounder do?

Controls equipment that processes coal tar hydrocarbons into intermediate compounds for use in manufacture of dyestuffs and pharmaceutical products: Measures coal tar derivatives, using balance scales and volume indicators. Shovels or pumps derivatives into specified containers. Observes recording instruments, and adjusts steam, water, and vacuum valves to regulate temperature and pressure during chemical reactions that produce specified intermediates. Tests acidity of intermediates, using pH indicators. Tests solubility of intermediates in liquids, such as water, alcohol, and chloroform. Adds specified chemicals to intermediates to ensure that they meet requirements. Dumps ice into intermediates to reduce temperature. Pumps intermediates through filter to remove liquid residue. Heats intermediates and circulates vapors through condenser lines to isolate components of intermediates. May be designated according to equipment tended as Kettle Operator II; Tub Operator; process involved as Bromination Equipment Operator; Sulfonation Equipment Operator; or material produced as Optical-Brightener Maker.