Chef De Partie

Cook food and manage workers in one station of a restaurant kitchen.

What does a Chef De Partie do?

If leadership, time management, and perfection in food preparation are all skills you can master, a Chef de Partie’s job may be the right one for you. A Chef de Partie-a position sometimes combined with the positions of Line Cook -is someone who is responsible for managing a particular area of a restaurant kitchen.

This job is not for someone who balks at challenges, because you’ll be faced with many of these in a restaurant kitchen. To master this role, you must be an experienced Chef in the area you’re assigned to. Large, established restaurants generally have a Chef de Partie assigned to each type of dish (vegetable, dessert, and fish, for example). And you may have to lead a small team to ensure that each dish is prepared perfectly.

On a typical day, you make sure that meals are sent out on time, and keep ingredients organized in order to save your line from disaster. You also closely oversee the work of your team, and give constructive criticism and encouragement to ensure that your restaurant maintains its excellent standards.

The wonderful thing about choosing a career as a Chef de Partie is that this job is in fairly high demand. If you’re interested in becoming a Chef de Partie, a degree in Culinary Arts or in Restaurant Management and Hospitality would look great on your resume. Additionally, extensive work experience in a variety of restaurants would also build the skills necessary to fill this role.