Chef Concierge

Provide customer service to hotel guests.

What does a Chef Concierge do?

The Chef Concierge’s general responsibility is to provide excellent customer service to hotel guests. But if you want a breakdown of the specific job duties, the Chef Concierge sets up scavenger hunts, arranges weddings, or gets hard-to-find concert tickets, to name a few. Like a fairy godmother or Magician, a Chef Concierge provides guests with whatever their hearts desire, even before they know they want something.

Guests can find you anywhere in the hotel, but most often, you linger in the lobby area. Here, you might open doors for arriving guests, answer questions about how to get around, or help out a guest who’s planning a big evening out. You’re the one hotel patrons turn to whenever they have a question or request.

This might sound like the job of any front desk person at a hotel, but don’t be fooled. You don’t take bags or check people in. Instead, a good way to think of yourself might be as a Cruise Director for hotel guests. You set up tours, hire car services, and rent bikes or boats.

You go above and beyond what hotel patrons expect. You might send flowers to a room when you know the occupant is celebrating their birthday or anniversary, or you might welcome children with small toys or coloring books. You don’t just tell people where the good restaurants in town are, but you also make reservations, call ahead for a cab, and arrange for tickets to an after-dinner show.