Cheerleading Coach

Guide your team through cheerleading routines.

What does a Cheerleading Coach do?

“Harrah, hooray, we’re gonna win the game today.” Cheerleading is a sport that allows Athletes to cheer on their fellow Athletes from the sidelines. It requires dedication, discipline, athletic prowess, and a Cheerleading Coach who can motivate, inspire, direct, and teach.

There are two main types of cheerleading. If you want to become a Cheerleading Coach, you might decide to coach a team in preparation for cheerleading competitions. This type of team often cheers at games as well. The other type of cheerleading squad doesn’t compete and focuses solely on supporting its school’s teams.

Either way, if you’re a Cheerleading Coach you’ve got a high-energy day ahead of you. It starts with a plan. What warm-ups and exercises will you have the team do today? Will you try out some new moves, or hammer the kinks out of old ones?

It’s your job to make sure all your Cheerleaders are safe, so you know how to respond to injury or emergency situations. You’re also expected to understand the basic rules of the game your team cheers for. That way, you know when to “Rah” and when to sit.

During practice sessions, your observation skills are put to the test. You need to know your Cheerleader’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can decide who can safely handle which moves. In addition, you need patience, creativity, and outstandingly enthusiastic communication skills.

It you’re a Cheerleading Coach for a traveling team, you’re also responsible for transportation and lodging arrangements. That means that you need to communicate with parents, Teachers, Principals, and Bus Drivers.