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De-limb felled timber, then chain it up to be pulled to the logging camp.

What does a Chaser do?

A Chaser works in the logging industry. While at first glance, the job of a Chaser may not seem exciting or mentally stimulating, it takes place in a fast-paced environment in which you have to stay on your toes. Chasers need to avoid getting hurt, of course, but they must also accomplish their tasks quickly so the production line keeps moving. It takes more intellectual power than you might think.

When logs are cut, they’re attached to cables and dragged to a flat surface for processing. These logs are incredibly heavy, so they’re dragged by machines.

As a Chaser, you direct the Machine Operator to drop the logs by yelling and using hand signals. You then unhook the cable and direct the Machine Operator to leave the scene. At times, you may be asked to fill in and drive this machinery, if the Operator is ill and cannot come to work.

When you’re alone with your log, you remove limbs and knots using a chainsaw. You may mark the log with chalk to indicate that it’s ready to be moved. When it’s time to move the log, you help attach it to another cable and move it onto a truck.

This is an incredibly physical job. You must be able to climb over tall, downed trees and handle thick, tight cables. While forests may be beautiful, they can also be cold and damp places. You’ll learn to dress in layers, and keep your dress shoes safely in your closet.

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