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Chase Producer

Identify good guests for talk shows and coordinate their appearances.

What does a Chase Producer do?

Chase Producers are paid by television networks and TV production companies to help produce talk shows and news programs. Specifically, it’s the Chase Producer’s job to find and book—or “chase”—guests for a show. Whether it’s a Spokesperson for a news segment on “Good Morning America,” a family in need for a special edition of “Dr. Phil,” or a celebrity guest to be interviewed on “The Tonight Show,” the Chase Producer is the person who finds and schedules them.

As a Chase Producer, therefore, you’re one of those unseen characters swimming behind the scenes of a TV talk show. You see, a TV talk show is a lot like a duck: Above water, everything is calm and collected, with the TV Host smiling on screen. Just below the surface, however, the duck’s feet are furiously flipping in order to keep it afloat.

Here’s how it generally works: First, you participate in meetings with other Producers to develop ideas and concepts for segments and stories. Then, you do research and legwork to find appropriate subject matter experts for each segment. Next, you pitch those experts to your colleagues and, if they’re approved, book them for the show. Once they’re booked, it’s your job to communicate with them — making sure they know the time, date, and location of taping — and to pre-interview them for the purpose of creating detailed notes that the TV Host uses to fuel an on-air conversation with them.

In other words, if a TV show were a person, you’d be its Social Secretary, in charge of keeping its calendar full and its Rolodex organized!